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About us

The company was established in the middle of year 2004, as a subsidiary of the French company STIME, which provides for over 30 years IT services for the French Group Mousquetaires, European leader in distribution.

Starting with 2008, the company was took over by a Romanian IT specialists. Their goal is to develop, apart from the software business, other directions in business, as IT maintenance services, servers administration, networking, hardware, web sites developing, graphics and to share with its clients their experience, accumulated by the promoters and the entire team.

Those 12 years of experience taught us that success of a business is to be found within its systems, in the ability to manage risks, to establish strategic alliances with its partners and to fruitful the opportunities.

Beyond anything, we are here to help our clients to optimize their IT processes, by integrating a large range of integrates services needed to make your difference on the market, offering you in the therewith confidence, earnestness, perseverance and performance.

Our vision

We strongly believe that in the present times, the century of fastness, the technology is vital for the development process of any entity. Our 12 years and over of experience in hardware and software maintenance area, graphics and web, programming and server administration recommend us as the ideal partner for your business.

Our mission

Since we started this project, we intended to bring an addition of originality, to design personalized solutions, oriented to fulfill the customers demands. Our goal is to value the IT processes optimization for achieving profitable financial outcomes.


"sincerity and honesty in our business"
Client oriented
"personalized solutions for every client"
"professionalism in solving all demands"
"for client's information and his business"