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IT Outsourcing

IT outsourcing is an accustomed procedure nowadays. More often, the companies hire other entities outside their organizational structure to manage, totally or partially, their IT Department.

By delegating productive tasks and projects to the IT consultant, companies obtain a proper quality in respect with prices, considering that the consultant possess a higher level of expertise in the area.

This is not a partnership type relation, more likely a subcontracting connection towards external suppliers.

What can offer the IT Outsourcing?

  • management of computers and network equipments
  • scheduled back-up for databases or sensitive informations
  • personnel training for an appropriate usage of the equipments
  • permanent consulting for solving any potential malfunction of the IT system


  • Costs effectiveness: from the financial point of view, the IT outsourcing is more efficient than maintaining a permanent employee. By IT outsourcing, the costs are minimized and the personnel risk is eliminated.
  • Know-how: by using the services of an IT outsourcing company you can actually have access to many solutions for the same issue.
  • Focus on business: when something in the IT department is malfunctioning the entire business suffers. Using an external IT professional will allow you to be focused only on your business, all difficulties being removed.
  • Risk management: due to IT expertise, any company will minimize the risk of loosing important data, also ensuring data security and confidentiality.