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Networking Services

A successful business involve a perfect interconnectivity within the team. This means a reliable network and bouncing servers with maximum uptime. When they are not testing potential vulnerabilities of the systems, our networking team are involved in:

  • analysis and setting up hardware for server-like systems
  • designing an Intranet network, cable channel installation, cable assembling
  • rack assembling, installing patch panels and patch cords
  • installing and setting up switches (with or without management), routers, hardware firewalls
  • testing the network elements functionality
  • installing Windows Server 2008 or 2012 Standard / Enterprise / Datacenter OS
  • installing Fedora Core / Slackware / CentOS Linux OS
  • installing and setup Active Directory (AD) and Domain Controller (DC)
  • installing and setup up DHCP server
  • installing and setup Apache (Linux) or IIS (Windows) web servers
  • installing and setup iptables (Linux) or ISA Server (Windows) firewall
  • installing and setup mail servers on Linux (Postfix / Exim / Dovecot) or Microsoft (Exchange)
  • installing and setup mySQL / PostgreSQL (Linux) or SQL Server (Windows) database servers
  • installing and configuring printing servers
  • back-up for user accounts and stored data
  • maintenance and administration the intranet network
  • installation and setup Virtual Private Networks (VPN)
  • administration of virtual servers and workstations on CMware / vCenter platform